Bar Mitts - Don't let cold hands keep you inside anymore :)



At AJ Bike Equipment we find that Bar Mitts © not only to be an excellent alternative to winter gloves but to be better than anything else we have tried. They keep the wind and weather off your hands whilst keeping your dexterity enabling you to easily work the breaks and gears. The neoprene Bar Mitts ©  holds their shape allowing you to easily slide your hands in and out when needed. These excellent Mitts are new to the UK market after proving to be a great success across the Atlantic AJ Bike Equipment are offical importers and retailers of Bar Mitts

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We are so confident that you will like our product that if you are not satisfied with your purchase return it to us within a month and we will refund you your purchase price and give you £5 for your inconvenience.

If you would like to stock Bar Mitts your shop then please contact us direct.